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Firewall Management and IT Security

Managed Firewall IT Security

Firewall Management and IT Security

IT Security has always been a big focus for the Kibo team and our multi-layered approach to network security including Firewall Management ensures your business is prepared for the ever-changing cyber-threat landscape.

Recently this has gained even more attention as it has become a legal requirement for compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act. Sufficient network security is a big portion of the compliance requirement and this month we will share a 5-part series discussing our approach to Network Security.

The Hardware Components: Firewalls

A firewall forms the heart of a network and performs multiple important tasks. As with most hardware components, not all firewalls are created equally. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing your firewall.

First off, your firewall will connect servers, users, and mobile devices within your network at the office (LAN). It can also be used to connect remote staff via a VPN or other remote branches to allow access to your network. Lastly it connects all your users to the Internet to allow use of cloud services and other business applications that require Internet access. Furthermore, the importance of your firewall is performing all these functions securely and providing protection against cyber-threats and attacks. Your firewall device allows your IT department or vendor to manage and monitor your network and report on all activity depending on your requirements.

Important questions to ask yourself as management?

Visibility – How much visibility do you need of the traffic routing in and out of your network? Do you know what sites are being visited most frequently? Are you aware of any downloads that happen? Do you know when new applications are installed on user machines?

Protection and Performance – Do you currently have a plan in place to protect your business from cyber threats and attacks? According to a study from Sophos, 69% of South African businesses that participated fell victim to a cyber-attack in 2018/2019. Do not be mistaken by thinking that only large organisations are targets, SME are easy targets as their layers of security are generally easier to penetrate.

Response – Firstly are you able to detect an attack? Are you equipped with the correct skills and training to react to an attack? Do you have the correct equipment in place to isolate an infected machine and stop the attack from spreading?

Cyber security has serious implications and the Kibo Connect team is highly skilled and certified. The team also undergoes constant training to stay up to date with the cyber threat landscape. We have chosen to partner with Sophos and we offer Managed Firewall and UTM (Unified Threat Management) services so that you can focus on doing business while we provide a safe and secure network for your staff to thrive in. Sophos are market leaders and include unique tools like Deep Machine Learning and Synchronised Security that offer an aggressive approach to threat prevention, detection, and response.

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