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Managed Firewalls

Managed Firewalls

As technology has evolved, we have move more of our business communication into online systems and the cloud. Our documents, financial applications, stock systems and customer information is all online. Our communication is done via email, Voice over IP, video conferencing and social media. We rely on our systems to be online when we need them.

This online presence creates a vast threat landscape for both targeted and untargeted cyber-attacks. A firewall is a security appliance that separates your private network from the chaos and threats found on the Internet. Traditional firewalls are no longer sufficient to protect modern networks from the constantly evolving cyber-threats.


Business networks need to be protected by a Next Generation Firewall also known as a Unified Threat Management Firewall.

This device provides a modern defence against viruses, intrusions & SPAM, and gives company control over how their Internet services are utilized by their staff. This is an essential piece of business equipment in an online world plagued with constantly evolving threats.

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