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Fibre to the Business

Fibre to the Business

Our Next Generation Fibre to the Business (FTTB) Internet services are uncapped, unshaped, uncontended and symmetrical on dedicated bandwidth. This allows your business to increase productivity and revenues whilst reducing cost and risk. We offer these Internet services across South Africa with data centres based in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

By enabling access to cloud and voice, your business can converge costs into a single, simple service. This move will improve communication, mobility and access to Big Data with a robust reliability of 99.5% uptime.

Our Fibre to the Business service is provided with one public IP address, proactive monitoring and management and 24/7 customer support with a business class Service Level Agreement.

As an additional benefit to our Fibre to the business customers, you have access to our partner company Kibo Technical, allowing your account manager to efficiently coordinate all your IT requirements and act as a single point of contact.


Why Fibre to the business is the clever choice :

Increase Revenue:

Having Fibre gives you access to a wider national and global market which opens doors to new customers. You will also have access to the best of breed online tools and applications to allow for better systems within your business and faster communication.

Reduces Costs:

Fibre allows you to converge multiple technologies such as voice and Internet onto one service which instantly reduces costs. You also have access to a team of technology experts who get training and certifications regularly as well as a network which we maintain and upgrade constantly. By having your hardware monitored, you also prolong its lifespan which reduces costs over a longer term.

Improves Productivity:

By having reliable and high-performance Fibre, your business can operate smoothly without any interruptions. You will have access to the best of breed networking tools and applications which will keep your network running at a high capacity. Having a network which runs 24x7 means your employees can access it from anywhere at any time and can work efficiently even when remote.

Gives you a competitive advantage:

By having a presence in a bigger marketplace, you have a bigger and better brand presence. You will have access to industry leading digital marketing tools and platforms to spread the word about your business. Fibre also allows for online training which keeps your staff up to date without losing too much time.

Reduces Risk:

We monitor our network and have a multi layered approach to keeping it secure and compliant. We remotely monitor and manage your network too to ensure your network security. We offer various solutions such as anti-virus and firewalls to assist in creating a safer IT environment. Our Service levels guarantee uptimes and this level of support reduces your overall risk of not being able to service your customers.

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