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Voice Services

Managed Voice

We offer a range of Managed Voice Solutions which can be tailored to suit the specific communication requirements of your business. Reduce your monthly costs by converging your Kibo Voice, Cloud and Connectivity into one account.

Read more about our range of voice services below.

Why choose us as your voice solution partner?


Voice Termination

Our Voice Services (VoIP) allow users to make high quality phone or conference calls affordably using the Internet as opposed to traditional landlines. With our team of dedicated Voice specialists and by converging Kibo Voice and Connectivity Services, you will benefit from monthly cost savings as well as a single contact point for customer support. You can port any geographical number (011,021) to the Kibo Network and this allows you to move anywhere in the same region and keep your number the same. Our call rates are highly competitive and all internal and On Net (Kibo to Kibo) calls are free of charge. Our Kibo VoIP comes with a Service Level Agreement so customers can have peace of mind knowing the Kibo Voice Platform is reliable and secure.

Virtual PBX

Our vPBX offers all the same functionality as traditional PBX systems but at a significantly lower cost. With our vPBX Solution, much less hardware is required on-site, and all services can be consolidated with one supplier, Kibo, making installation, support and billing easier. vPBX offers all the traditional services such as call waiting, recording, forwarding and voicemail functionality. All this is backed with a Quality of Service SLA (Service Level Agreement) which Kibo supports. Cabling services are also available from Kibo Technical.


Call recording

We offer a call recording service which records all incoming and outgoing calls and retains the recording securely for you for either 30, 60 or 120 days. These files are stored by extension, so they are easy to look up and recalled for training or legal purposes. All our call recording software and practices are fully compliant with the South African Legal requirements (POPI, FICA, FAIS, CPA).


We offer (TMS) Telephone Management System options depending on you Business’s volume of calls as well as the functionality required. Having a Telephone Management System allows for recording of all live calls and storing the information to create meaningful reports for monitoring purposes. The TMS we offer are scalable depending on your business size and supported by a Service Level Agreement.


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