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Power & UPS

Power & UPS

Businesses in South Africa face the constant threat of severe Loadshedding. When these power cuts hit us, businesses who are unprepared cannot continue working and being productive, and this in turn results in big revenue loss. We offer a range of scalable power solutions to our customers. We are also an APC Schneider Electric partner which means we access to their world class power solutions and the training to implement these systems effectively.

Having an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) serves multiple functions, it protects equipment from power surges, dips, spikes and fluctuations which can happen at any time, even without Loadshedding. It can also serve as a safe standby power source while a generator is started and synchronised. Further to this we have larger batteries that can keep essential equipment up and running during the whole period of the power cut. This ensures staff can continue working and your business can carry on with business as usual.


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