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POPIA Compliance

POPIA Complaince

POPIA Compliance

Have you taken the necessary steps to become POPIA compliant?

With the impending enforcement of the POPIA legislation from 1st July 2021, the Kibo team is working tirelessly to align our business with the POPIA compliance requirements, and offer assistance to our clients that are preparing for a new era in ICT. Companies in South Africa now have a legal obligation to ensure that their IT environments and their data are secure and private. Companies and Operators that do not adhere to the regulations when processing private data will find themselves exposed to severe legal penalties.

Protecting the right to privacy is important to us and it is our belief that the new POPI legislation is in the best interest of all South Africans. All businesses regardless of their size need to start their journey of POPI compliance by enforcing best practices throughout and most importantly in this digital era, good IT governance.

First steps to POPIA Compliance when considering your IT environment with Kibo:

  1. Elect and register an Information Officer with the South African Information Regulator.
  2. Determine what data you are processing, how you are collecting it and what it’s purpose in your business.
  3. Determine where you are storing all your most valued and vulnerable data.
  4. Arrange a full Network Security Audit in your business to determine vulnerabilities.
  5. Commence with a layered and managed approach to your network security – suitable hardware, advanced software and suggested best practice behaviours.

IT security is a particularly complex field – the threat landscape is vast and ever changing, and it incorporates all aspects of your business. In order to prove your POPIA compliance, your network security requires constant monitoring and documenting and most importantly consistent updating/patching of your threat detection software and . Kibo Connect (ISP) and our partner Kibo Technical (MSP) offer a wide range of skills and solutions built on Best Practices and Best of Breed products. We have a comprehensive basket of premium products that can be customised to simplify your business’s POPI compliance journey.

Please reach out to us for a no obligation consultation on how we can help you manage the IT risk in your business. 

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